Lion District 105D, Zone C Project 2012-13

Larkrise Community Farm is, with the help of Lions Clubs in the Wiltshire and Somerset area, establishing an apiary based teaching unit.

Based to the rear of the farm by Biss wood, and consisting of up to nine beehives, it will enable the community farm to teach students more about the life of honeybees and the basics of bee husbandry. Wendy Self the farm manager and one of her colleagues are enrolled to do a bee-keeping course and will be assisted by local beekeepers from the Wiltshire and Somerset branches of the British Bee Keepers Association.
The small apiary will be overlooked by a custom outbuilding, which will enable the students to observe all aspects of bee keeping without the need of protective clothing. Wendy feels that the establishment of the apiary has a key role in teaching students about nature and the import role bees play in pollination of plants; and helps Larkrise farm get involved in stemming the decline of the UK's bee population. Local Lions Clubs of District 105D, Zone C (Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, GMS, Warminster and Westbury) along with Calne, Chippenham, Frome and Melksham are donating towards the initial cost. Funds have been raised to purchase nine complete national hives and many pieces of essential equipment and supplies. Of course once established, the apiary should become self-supporting with an estimated production of up to 400 lbs. of honey each year which could be sold alongside the farms other produce.
Several hive stands will be left vacant for local beekeepers to use in exchange for assistance in monitoring and maintaining the farms nine hives.
The farm over the next few weeks will receive its first colonies of bees and it is anticipated that over the next twenty four months the number of hives will be increased until the apiary is fully populated.


Larkrise Community Farm

Wiltshire Beekeeping Association (WBKA)
Somerset Beekeeping Assosiation (SBKA)
British Beekeeping Assosiation (BKA)

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