Health and Safety (Risk Assessments)

Health and Saftey – Evaluations & Risk Assessment

The following Health and Safety risk assessment forms have been placed on the website such that all members can have direct access to the master forms before any event. Please note that before the event the organizing committee should review the document(s) and make any necessary alterations. The chairman of the committee should then sign and date the form(s) to indicate the committee has reviewed the document(s). When attending an event all Lions and volunteers involved should have read the signed (committee approved) document.

The forms have also been placed on the website for other Lions clubs. Please feel free to download them and use them as a template when creating you own Health and Safety risk assessment documents and procedures.

Community Service Events

Jennings Fair <PDF> <DOC>

Soup Run <PDF> <DOC>

Soup Run [Preparation] <PDF> <DOC>

Carnival Procession <PDF> <DOC>

Grannies Outings <PDF> <DOC>

Coach Trips <PDF> <DOC>

Theatre Outings <PDF> <DOC>

Paultons Park Outings <PDF> <DOC>

Tin Collection <PDF> <DOC>


Cooked Dinner <PDF> <DOC>

Caravan Holiday <PDF> <DOC>

Fund Raising Events

Choir Night <PDF> <DOC>

May Fair <PDF> <DOC>

Bike Stall <PDF> <DOC>

Football Stall <PDF> <DOC>

Book Stall <PDF> <DOC>

Supermarket [Collection] <PDF> <DOC>

Santa Float [Collection] <PDF> <DOC>

Bottle Stall <PDF> <DOC>

Swimarathon <PDF> <DOC>

Santa Float [Preparation] <PDF> <DOC>

10K Race [Admin] <PDF> <DOC>

10K Race [Race] <PDF> <DOC>

Administration Risk Assessments

Club Meetings <PDF> <DOC>

Zone Meetings at Trowbridge <PDF> <DOC>

Club Social Cooked Dinner <PDF> <DOC>